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Sales COE Post Group Discussion

The feedback you provide through the BSMe2e Sales COE Post Group Discussion is valuable to us. It helps us understand your experience and assess if a sales role at BSMe2e aligns with your aspirations.

Here’s how your Sales COE Post Group Discussion feedback helps us connect you with the right opportunity.

  • Impactful Discussion? Share what resonated with you during the presentation. Did the career paths in sales sound interesting? This lets us know if our discussions are hitting the mark.
  • Relevant Experience? Think about your most relevant work experience compared to the sales roles we discussed. Sharing these details helps us gauge if your skills and background are a good fit for our sales team.
  • Motivated by Sales? The form dives into your interest in commission-based sales positions. Tell us what excites you about this career path. Additionally, what are your top priorities when considering a new employer or job? Understanding your motivations allows us to see if BSMe2e can provide the kind of work environment you’re seeking.
  • Goal Alignment? We want to know if the opportunities we offer resonate with your goals. Do you see a career at BSMe2e helping you achieve your personal, professional, and financial aspirations? Sharing your goals helps us determine if there’s a mutual fit.
  • Ready to Launch? The form also asks about your availability to start work. If you’re someone who’s eager to hit the ground running, letting us know shows your enthusiasm and can help us fast-track the hiring process for promising candidates.

By participating in the Sales COE Group Discussion section, you’re taking a critical step towards landing a fulfilling sales role at BSMe2e. It’s a chance for us to learn more about you and your goals, while you gain insights into the exciting career paths we offer. So, don’t hesitate to share your feedback – it’s the first step to starting your sales journey with BSMe2e agents program.