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Standard FAQs – User

Can I change the email ID that I used for logging in on BSME2E?

ID: 15299

Yes you can change your email id. We will send you an email at your new address to confir..Read More

What is the difference between User and Customer?

ID: 15298

BSME2E provides registration for users, customers, and sellers. Visitors who register as ..Read More

What is the difference between User and Seller?

ID: 15297

BSME2E provides registration for users, customers, and sellers. Visitors who register as ..Read More

What types of user posts can I add?

ID: 15296

You can add different types of user posts which are as follows: Image posts Newsp..Read More

Can I edit my posted content?

ID: 15295

Yes, you can edit your post as and when you like. Go to your dashboard, choose the posts ..Read More

What can I post on BSME2E?

ID: 15294

You can post all the items except for those that fall under the prohibited items. You are..Read More

What is the difference between User and Seller?

ID: 15293

BSME2E provides registration for users, customers, and sellers. Visitors who register as ..Read More

How can I add a new post?

ID: 15292

After completing the registration process, visit your profile section. Now, click on the ..Read More

Do I need to pay any charges for making posts on BSME2E?

ID: 15291

No. We do not charge anything to the users. You can make your posts for free.

How can I be a user of BSME2E?

ID: 15290

To become a user, you need to register with us at BSME2E. Click on the Register option, c..Read More

Standard FAQs – Seller

Can Sellers delete seller stores or products or services without seeking approval from BSME2E?

ID: 15262

NO, Sellers cannot delete a seller products or services or seller store without notifying..Read More

Whom to contact in case of any grievances?

ID: 15261

In case of any grievances, you need to raise a support request by filling out our support..Read More

How can I contact a customer regarding their order?

ID: 15260

You can click on the ‘Orders’ section from the ‘My Accounts’ section. You can bro..Read More

Is there a quick buy feature for customers or do they need to create an account before buying products from me?

ID: 15259

No, there is no quick buy feature for the customers. They have to register themselves as ..Read More

Is there a limit to the number of product categories that I can sell?

ID: 15258

Yes, the total number of products you can sell on BSME2E will be determined by the type o..Read More

I already have an established website. How can I use it on BSME2E?

ID: 15257

You can add the link of your website so that customers can visit your website from the st..Read More

Can customers leave feedback?

ID: 15256

Yes. Only the customers who have purchased from you can leave a comment or feedback.

How can I make seller settings?

ID: 15255

Refer to our manual on BSME2E seller settings for detailed information.

How can I make seller settings?

ID: 15254

We have three payment methods available: Credit card, Debit card, and UPI.

What payment methods are available?

ID: 15253

We have three payment methods available: Credit card, Debit card, and UPI.

How will I receive my payment?

ID: 15252

You will receive your payment through Stripe or payment gateway, or identi..Read More

Can I cancel my account?

ID: 15251

Yes. You can cancel your account anytime. Please raise a support request with us by filli..Read More

Standard FAQs – Product Setup and Seller Settings

What is a ledger book?

ID: 15276

The ledger book gives the users a holistic view of their store transactions like commissi..Read More

How can I add a delivery person?

ID: 15275

If you want to add a delivery person, go to the seller dashboard, click on delivery perso..Read More

How can I withdraw my earnings?

ID: 15274

Go to the seller dashboard, choose payments, click on the withdrawal icon, choose the ord..Read More

Can I add a new staff?

ID: 15273

Yes, you can add new staff. Check our manual on staff.

Can I add coupons?

ID: 15271

Yes, you can add coupons. Refer to our manual on coupons.

How to create bookings?

ID: 15270

In order to accept bookings, you need to first create a bookable product. BSME2E allows y..Read More

What is shipping by weight?

ID: 15269

BSME2E allows the vendors to set shipping rules in relation to the weight of the products..Read More

What is shipping by zone?

ID: 15268

A Shipping Zone is a geographical area to which you ship items. You will need to first se..Read More

What is shipping by country?

ID: 15267

BSME2E permits the sellers to set the shipping costs in terms of specified countries. Not..Read More

How to connect my BSME2E store with Stripe?

ID: 15266

To create your account on Stripe, please refer to our payment withdrawal method manual.

How to setup shipping for my store?

ID: 15265

Please refer to our shipping settings manual for details.

What are the attributes in BSME2E?

ID: 15264

Attributes add extra data to your WooCommerce products. Attributes are also useful for se..Read More

Standard FAQs – Product Types

How can I add a customer manually?

ID: 15272

Go to seller dashboard, choose customers, then add a new icon. You’ll be redirected to ..Read More

Standard FAQs – Simple Products

What is SKU?

ID: 15242

SKU is a stock keeping unit used for internally tracking a business inventory. It is a sc..Read More

What are simple products?

ID: 15241

The simple product covers almost all the products that you sell. Basically, simple produc..Read More

Standard FAQs – Variable Products

What is the default form values?

ID: 15245

If you have more than one attribute and wish to show one of the attributes as default to ..Read More

How to separate values while adding attributes?

ID: 15244

Use the pipe option i.e. “  | ” to separate values. Do not use commas or any other s..Read More

I am unable to add variations to my product. What should I do?

ID: 15243

To add variations, you need to first add attributes for your product.

Standard FAQs – Grouped Products

Can I sell individual products included in grouped products?

ID: 15277

No, items added in grouped products cannot be sold individually since the individual prod..Read More

What are grouped products?

ID: 15246

A combination of related items that can be purchased individually. These products usually..Read More

Standard FAQs – Bundled Products

What is priced individually?

ID: 15289

When you select ‘priced individually’, it means you can add a discount percentage (%)..Read More

What is shipped individually?

ID: 15288

Shipped individually does not mean that the bundle product is split across different ship..Read More

What is the difference between flat and grouped item grouping?

ID: 15287

When the item grouping is selected as ‘grouped’, the bundled items are grouped under ..Read More

What are bundle products?

ID: 15286

Bundle products are grouped products that are sold as a single unit for one price.

Standard FAQs – Bookable Product

What is ‘has resources’ and ‘has persons’?

ID: 15285

Resources can be added to bookable products if it consists of varying choices. For exampl..Read More

What is block cost?

ID: 15284

It is the cost per block. If a customer books multiple blocks, the cost is multiplied by ..Read More

What is the base cost?

ID: 15283

Base cost is the fixed cost that remains unchanged regardless of a customer’s choice on..Read More

How to set up pricing rules?

ID: 15282

Pricing rules can be set if you want to impose restrictions on the booking. This is the d..Read More

What is maximum block bookable?

ID: 15281

If today is 1st March and you select the minimum block bookable as 5 months, the first da..Read More

What is minimum block bookable?

ID: 15280

If today is 1st March and you select the minimum block bookable as 1 month, the first dat..Read More

What do you mean by maximum booking per block?

ID: 15279

It means the total number of bookings you can accept in one block. For example, if you ch..Read More

What is fixed blocks and customer-defined blocks?

ID: 15278

A fixed block has a defined duration. For example, 5 days of coaching classes, 1-hour doc..Read More

Standard FAQs – Customers

What should I do if the seller doesn’t respond to my support request?

ID: 15312

If the sellers do not respond to your support request within 2 to 3 business days, you ca..Read More

Whom to contact in case of any grievance?

ID: 15311

If your grievance is related to your orders, go to the orders section on your dashboard, ..Read More

Why is my return request declined?

ID: 15309

Your return request can be declined if it does not fulfil the seller’s return policy.

I have created a return request. Within how many days will I get the refund?

ID: 15308

Each seller on BSME2E has a separate refund processing timeline. Go through the seller’..Read More

How to create a return request?

ID: 15307

Go to Account, select orders, and click on the refund option. You’ll be able to see a n..Read More

Within how many days I will receive the order?

ID: 15306

Check out the seller’s shipping policy to know the estimated delivery date for each ite..Read More

Can I cancel my order?

ID: 15305

The cancellation policy of products/services is subjected to the seller’s store policy...Read More

How to place an order on BSME2E?

ID: 15304

Register as a customer on BSME2E, visit the individual store of the sellers, choose your ..Read More

What is the return process?

ID: 15303

The return process will vary from one seller to the other. Hence, you are advised to go t..Read More

What can I refund?

ID: 15302

You can return any item that the seller accepts. Go through the store policies of the sel..Read More

Where can I check the status of my order?

ID: 15301

Go to ‘my account’ and click on ‘orders’. Choose the item that you wish to track...Read More

How to create a customer account on BSME2E?

ID: 15300

Click on the ‘Register’ option followed by the ‘Choose Account’ option. Under the..Read More

Global Talent Competition

What is BSMe2e’s Global Talent Competition?

ID: 16698

BSMe2e organizes a contest on global talent competition where we encourage all participan..Read More

Can I participate in the BSMe2e talent competition?

ID: 16697

Yes, you can participate in the BSMe2e competition and get the chance to win exciting gif..Read More

What is the process of participating in BSMe2e’s talent competition?

ID: 16696

The process is very easy. You must register as a user on BSMe2e and be an active contribu..Read More

Does BSMe2e global competition have any restrictions?

ID: 16695

Yes, you must adhere to all our platform policies while creating and sharing posts. Do no..Read More

In what categories can I create posts for this competition?

ID: 16694

You can create posts across multiple categories such as art, food, handmade creativity, r..Read More

What gifts can I earn if I win this competition and what is the criteria for winning?

ID: 16693

The first prize winner will be the one who has created 100 posts in a year, which is 10 p..Read More

When will the yearly awards be announced?

ID: 16692

The name of the winners will be declared in November/December 2023.