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agriculture business ideas
agriculture business ideas

50 Agriculture Business Ideas to Try on BSMe2e | Agriculture | 38430

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Are you an agriculture enthusiast with a few bright ideas for making a difference in the industry? Do you want to know some agriculture business ideas that can help you craft your own success story? On BSMe2e, we promote agricultural talents who are looking forward to selling their unique products and services online. As a seller on our platform, you get access to a vast array of tools and resources to... Continue reading
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Are you an agriculture enthusiast with a few bright ideas for making a difference in the industry? Do you want to know some agriculture business ideas that can help you craft your own success story? On BSMe2e, we promote agricultural talents who are looking forward to selling their unique products and services online.

As a seller on our platform, you get access to a vast array of tools and resources to help you grow your business and reach a wider audience. You can have your own store, list and sell with ease, and build your way to profitability.

So, what are some of the most profitable agriculture business ideas you can explore? Read on to gain some insight.

50 Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas Worth Trying

Agriculture Business Ideas on Simple Products

  1. Organic Seeds:Offer a variety of certified organic seeds for vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.
  2. Compost Bins: Provide backyard compost bins and tumblers for easy organic waste composting at home.
  3. Natural Fertilizers: Sell organic fertilizers made with natural ingredients like composted manure, blood meal, and bone meal.
  4. Beneficial Insect Kits: Offer ladybugs, praying mantises, and other beneficial insects to control pests organically.
  5. Organic Weed Control Products: As part of organic farming, provide organic weed control solutions like vinegar, corn gluten meal, and boiling water.
  6. Mulch: Sell different types of organic mulch like straw, wood chips, and leaves to suppress weeds and retain moisture.
  7. Biodegradable Pots: Offer biodegradable pots made from recycled paper, coir, or other organic materials.
  8. Rainwater Barrels: Sell rainwater collection barrels to conserve water for irrigation.
  9. Organic Potting Mix: Provide organic potting mix made with composted materials, peat moss, and other organic ingredients.
  10. Reusable Garden Gloves: Offer comfortable and durable gardening gloves made from recycled materials.

Business Ideas on Agriculture Under Grouped Products

  1. Planting Tool Set: Group together a hand trowel, cultivator, garden fork, and gloves for easy planting.
  2. Weeding Tool Kit: Combine a weeding knife, hand cultivator, and kneeling pad for efficient weed removal.
  3. Seed Starting Kit: Offer a kit with seed trays, heat mats, plant markers, and a small greenhouse for starting seeds indoors.
  4. Composting Starter Kit: Bundle a compost bin, thermometer, aerator, and guidebook for beginners to start composting.
  5. Organic Pest Control Kit: Group organic neem oil spray, insecticidal soap, and a hand sprayer for natural pest control.
  6. Drip Irrigation Kit: Combine drip irrigation lines, emitters, timers, and a pressure regulator for a water-saving irrigation system.
  7. Aquaponics System Kit: Offer a starter kit with a fish tank, grow bed, pump, and media for a small-scale aquaponics system.
  8. Hydroponics System Kit: Bundle a hydroponic grow box, nutrient solution, and lighting system for indoor plant production.
  9. Greenhouse Hoop House Kit: Provide a kit with frame poles, greenhouse film, and clamps for creating a simple hoop house.
  10. Livestock Watering System Kit: Combine a water trough, automatic waterer, and heating element for winter use.

Bundled Products for Sustainable Agriculture

  1. Water-Saving Vegetable Garden Bundle: Combine organic seeds, drip irrigation system, and a moisture meter for a water-efficient vegetable garden.
  2. Pollinator Garden Kit: Offer a collection of flowering plants, seeds, and a butterfly house to attract pollinators to your garden.
  3. Backyard Composting Bundle: Bundle a compost bin, Bokashi composting system, and a compost turner for efficient home composting.
  4. Vertical Gardening Kit: Combine vertical planters, hanging baskets, and seeds for space-saving vertical gardening.
  5. Cover Crop Seed Mix Bundle: Offer a variety of cover crop seeds to improve soil health, suppress weeds, and fix nitrogen.
  6. Sustainable Herb Garden Kit: Bundle organic herb seeds, biodegradable pots, and a small herb drying rack.
  7. Solar Power for Farming Bundle: Combine solar panels, inverter, and battery system to provide off-grid power for your farm.
  8. Precision Agriculture Starter Kit: Offer a kit with soil moisture sensors, weather station, and data analysis software for precision farming practices.
  9. Aquaponics and Hydroponics Combo System: Bundle a combination aquaponics and hydroponics system for growing fish and plants together.
  10. Upcycled Garden Décor Bundle: Combine unique and decorative garden elements made from recycled materials.

Agriculture Business Ideas on Bookable Services

  1. Soil Testing Service: Offer soil testing services to analyze soil health and provide recommendations for amendments.
  2. Crop Consulting: Provide consulting services from agronomists for personalized crop management advice.
  3. Pest and Disease Control Services: Offer organic or conventional pest and disease control services for crops.
  4. Livestock Veterinary Services: Provide veterinary care services for farm animals as part of livestock farming services.
  5. Animal Breeding Services: Offer breeding services for livestock to improve herd genetics.
  6. Livestock Training Services: Provide training services for animal handling, milking, and other livestock management practices.
  7. Agricultural Drone Services: Offer drone-based services for crop monitoring, spraying, and field mapping.
  8. Precision Irrigation Management: Provide services to design, install, and manage precision irrigation systems.
  9. Aquaponics and Hydroponics System Setup: Offer consulting and setup services for aquaponic and hydroponic systems.
  10. Farm Labor Services: Provide temporary or seasonal labor services for farms.
  11. Farm Management Software Training: Offer training on using farm management software to improve farm operations.
  12. Agricultural Marketing Services: Provide assistance with marketing and selling farm products directly to consumers.

Business Ideas on Agricultural Variable Products

  1. Drip Irrigation Systems (customizable by size and plant needs): Design and install drip irrigation systems tailored to the specific needs of a particular farm or garden.
  2. Sprinkler Irrigation Systems (various types for different applications): Offer different types of sprinkler systems like center pivot, traveling guns, and solid-set sprinklers to suit various farm sizes and crops.
  3. Micro Irrigation Systems (ideal for small gardens and greenhouses): Provide micro irrigation systems with micro sprinklers and misters for efficient watering in small spaces.
  4. Subsurface Irrigation Systems (water delivery directly to plant roots): Install subsurface irrigation systems for water conservation and reduced evaporation.
  5. Irrigation Timers and Controllers (automated watering schedules): Offer irrigation timers and controllers to automate watering schedules and improve efficiency.
  6. Soil Moisture Sensors (monitor moisture levels for optimal irrigation): Sell soil moisture sensors to help farmers determine when to irrigate and conserve water.
  7. Chemigation Equipment (injection of fertilizers and other chemicals): Provide fertigation equipment for injecting fertilizers and other chemicals directly into irrigation water.
  8. Irrigation System Maintenance Services (ensure optimal performance): Offer maintenance services for irrigation systems to ensure proper functioning and efficiency.
  9. Water Filtration Systems (improve irrigation water quality): Provide water filtration systems to improve the quality of irrigation water for sensitive crops.
  10. Remote Monitoring Systems (track irrigation system performance): Offer remote monitoring systems to allow farmers to track their irrigation system performance from anywhere.

Downloadable Products/Services

  1. E-books on Organic Gardening Techniques: Provide downloadable e-books on organic gardening practices for beginners and experienced gardeners.
  2. Online Courses on Sustainable Agriculture: Offer online courses covering topics like soil health, water conservation, and integrated pest management.
  3. Printable Crop Planning Templates: Sell downloadable templates to help farmers plan their crop rotations and planting schedules.
  4. Farm Budgeting and Record-Keeping Spreadsheets: Provide downloadable spreadsheets for farmers to track their income, expenses, and farm performance.
  5. DIY Aquaponics and Hydroponics Guides: Offer downloadable guides with instructions for building and maintaining aquaponics and hydroponics systems at home.
  6. Livestock Health Care Manuals: Sell downloadable manuals on common livestock health problems, preventative care, and treatment options.
  7. Printable Animal Feeding Charts: Provide downloadable charts with feeding recommendations for different types and ages of livestock.
  8. Stock Photos and Videos of Sustainable Farming Practices: Sell downloadable stock photos and videos showcasing sustainable farming practices for marketing purposes.
  9. Webinar Recordings on Precision Agriculture Technologies: Offer recordings of webinars on precision agriculture technologies like drone use and data analysis.
  10. Subscription Boxes for Organic Gardening Supplies: Create a subscription box service that delivers organic seeds, fertilizers, and gardening tools to customers on a regular basis.

Why Choose BSMe2e to Implement Agricultural Business Ideas?

  • Cost-Effective Launch: We offer a free basic plan to get your online store started, with flexible upgrades as your agribusiness grows. Our minimal rental fees and commission-free sales structure allow you to keep more profit.
  • Build Your Brand Identity: With a unique store URL, you can establish your brand and drive traffic directly to your agricultural products and services.
  • Simple Setup, Easy Management: Our user-friendly platform makes setting up your online store a breeze. No coding is required, and our vendor dashboard gives you complete control over your store with analytics, notifications, and customization options.
  • Sell a Variety of Agricultural Products and Services: Manage both physical and digital products, streamlining your online sales process.
  • Advertise and Promote Your Agribusiness: We provide a unique opportunity to advertise and sell within our virtual shopping mall. Leverage our built-in SEO features to enhance your brand visibility in the agricultural sector.
  • Unlimited Earning Potential: We offer programs for top-performing sellers, including becoming a BSMe2e flagship agent and earning lucrative commissions.
  • Get the Support You Need: We offer Done-For-You and Done-With-You packages to help you with everything from store setup and product listings to SEO and marketing. Choose the level of support that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Test and Refine Your Ideas: Participate in our seller contests to test your agricultural product or service idea and gain valuable customer feedback before fully committing. This allows you to refine your approach and minimize risk.
  • Gain Exposure Through Promotion: We may feature your store and products on our channels and within our community groups.
  • Localized Shipping Solutions: We offer options for localized shipping solutions, potentially reducing delivery costs for your customers.
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform: Our platform is optimized for mobile devices, catering to the growing trend of mobile shopping among both agricultural business owners and customers.

How To Start Selling Agriculture Products?

Here are the simple steps –

  1. Register as a Seller – Register as a ‘Seller | Agent | Advertiser‘ on our platform. Complete your profile by providing all the relevant details. We will review your application details and proceed with the approval process.
  2. Join Workshop – Once you have been registered, you can join our workshop to learn how to effectively market and sell your products online. We send the workshop link to your registered email ID right after you sign up on our platform.
  3. Avail our Perks – We offer you various interesting resources and facilities for sellers on our platform. Some of these include marketing guidance, social media promotion help, and digital services to get started.
  4. Free Coupon – Our team may allot a free 1 year coupon to sellers who prove their mettle consistently on our platform. This means you will not have to pay a subscription to your online store for a year.
  5. Get Assistance – If you face any issues during the process of registering, updating your profile, uploading products, or selling, we are ready to help. Get in touch with us by raising a support ticket or directly messaging us on our Instagram.

So, are you ready to embark on an exciting journey as an agriculture category seller? Check out this manual for reference. Jump into the fray and build your path towards enhanced recognition, increased revenue, and sustainable success in the agricultural industry. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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