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20+ Analytics Business Ideas to Show on BSMe2e | Analytics | 40276

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The analytics industry is a vibrant sector marked by rapid growth and innovation. Valued at approximately $29.53 billion, it's anticipated to expand steadily, driven by demand across finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. The integration of AI and machine learning technologies is propelling the industry forward, making an... Continue reading
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The analytics industry is a vibrant sector marked by rapid growth and innovation. Valued at approximately $29.53 billion, it’s anticipated to expand steadily, driven by demand across finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. The integration of AI and machine learning technologies is propelling the industry forward, making analytics an essential tool in modern business. Therefore, it could be a great niche to start your business. If you feel you have the business acumen or have plans to start your online business but don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place. We will share some of the best analytics business ideas to kickstart your seller journey on BSMe2e.

Top 30 Analytics Business Ideas You Must Know

Simple Analytics Business Products

  1. Industry Benchmark Reports: Pre-made reports on industry KPIs (key performance indicators) for specific sectors.
  2. Data Visualization Templates: Ready-made templates for common data visualizations like charts and graphs.
  3. Excel/Google Sheets Analytics Add-ons: Small software programs that add specific analytics functions to spreadsheets.
  4. Data Dictionary Templates: Customizable templates to define data elements and their meanings.
  5. Cheat Sheets for Analytics Concepts: Simplified one-pagers explaining core analytics concepts.

Analytics Bookable Services

  1. Data Cleaning & Transformation Services: Cleaning and preparing messy data for analysis.
  2. Custom Data Visualization Projects: Creating bespoke data visualizations for client presentations.
  3. Data Analysis Consulting: Providing expert analysis and insights from client data.
  4. Social Media Analytics & Reporting: Analyzing social media data and generating reports.
  5. Marketing Analytics & Attribution Modeling: Helping businesses understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Grouped/Bundled Products

  1. Analytics Starter Kit: A bundle of software tools and templates for new businesses to start data analysis.
  2. Industry-Specific Analytics Dashboard: A pre-built dashboard with key metrics for a specific industry.
  3. Social Media & Website Analytics Combo: Analyze data from both social media and websites for a holistic view.
  4. Data Management & Visualization Package: Combine data management tools with data visualization software.
  5. E-commerce Analytics & Optimization Bundle: Analyze and optimize online stores for better customer experience and sales.

Analytics Downloadable Products

  1. E-books on Data Analysis Techniques: Step-by-step guides to learn specific data analysis methods.
  2. Data Analysis for Beginners Online Course: Video tutorials and resources for people new to data analysis.
  3. Data Visualization Software Tutorials: Downloadable guides on how to use specific data visualization software.
  4. Excel/Google Sheets Analytics Functions Guide: Comprehensive reference guide on using analytics functions in spreadsheets.
  5. Analytics Case Studies: Downloadable reports with real-world examples of successful data analysis projects.

Bonus Analytics Business Ideas

  1. Interactive Data Visualization Apps: Mobile apps that allow users to explore data in an interactive way.
  2. Subscription-based Data Analysis Platform: Cloud-based platform with tools for data cleaning, analysis, and visualization.
  3. Analytics Workshops & Training Programs: In-person or online workshops to teach data analysis skills.
  4. Data Analytics for Non-Profits: Analyze data to help non-profit organizations achieve their goals.
  5. Freelance Data Analyst Services: Offer hourly data analysis services to businesses on a project-by-project basis.


  • This list is just a starting point, and there are many other creative business ideas in analytics.
  • Consider your target audience, their needs, and the level of technical expertise required for your product or service.
  • Look for market gaps and niche opportunities where you can offer a unique value proposition.

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  • BSMe2e cuts through the hassle of online selling with a low-cost, subscription-based platform. Unlike competitors with hidden commission fees, BSMe2e charges a flat rental fee for your online store. This lets you focus on growing your business, not on shrinking profits.
  • BSMe2e empowers you to create a unique online identity with a custom store URL. Showcase your physical products, digital downloads, bundled items, or even services – all on a single platform. No coding skills needed! The user-friendly interface makes setup and management a breeze.
  • Want to reach a wider audience? Advertise and sell within BSMe2e’s bustling virtual mall. This platform goes beyond just a store – it’s a marketplace with built-in advertising tools to boost your brand visibility. Top sellers can even qualify for exclusive agent programs with lucrative commissions and leadership opportunities.
  • BSMe2e offers a helping hand for busy sellers. Choose from Done-For-You packages that handle everything from store setup to product listing and marketing. Need some guidance but want to manage things yourself? Done-With-You packages provide expert support while you learn the ropes.
  • Test your product ideas and refine your strategy with low-risk seller contests. BSMe2e even offers promotional support and free exposure for select stores and products. Plus, benefit from localized shipping options for a smooth customer experience.
  • Start small and scale up! BSMe2e offers flexible subscription plans that grow with your business. VIP sellers enjoy premium features like logo display for enhanced brand recognition. Explore affordable add-ons like store banners and logo design to further customize your online presence.
  • The BSMe2e platform is mobile-friendly and built with SEO in mind, eliminating the need for complex configurations. It’s the user-friendly, affordable solution to launch your online success story.

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