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Dive into BSMe2e’s Personal Care and Events, a diverse world where lifestyle meets opportunity. This category is a celebration of individuality and community, offering a spectrum of choices for users, sellers, advertisers, agents, and customers alike. From the elegance of Accessories and the allure of Beauty & Personal Care to the bespoke craftsmanship of Tailoring & Boutique, every facet is designed to enhance your personal journey. ... Continue reading
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Dive into BSMe2e’s Personal Care and Events, a diverse world where lifestyle meets opportunity. This category is a celebration of individuality and community, offering a spectrum of choices for users, sellers, advertisers, agents, and customers alike. From the elegance of Accessories and the allure of Beauty & Personal Care to the bespoke craftsmanship of Tailoring & Boutique, every facet is designed to enhance your personal journey.

Engage with the vibrant beats of Sound & Music, capture moments with Photography, or revel in the timeless beauty of Art and Jewelry. Our Events and Exhibitions open doors to new experiences, while Toys and Museums invite exploration and learning.

At BSMe2e, every interaction is an opportunity to grow, connect, and create lasting impressions. Join us and enrich your life with experiences that resonate with your passion and purpose.

30 Talent Ideas to Show Under the Personal Care & Events Category


  • Jewelry Making: Demonstrate your craftsmanship by creating unique jewelry pieces from beads, metals, or other materials.
  • Scarf Tying Techniques: Showcase your flair for fashion by presenting different scarf tying methods for various occasions.
  • Hat Decorating: Transform plain hats into stylish masterpieces using embellishments, paint, or fabric manipulation.

Beauty & Personal Care

  • Makeup Artistry: Impress with your makeup skills by creating dramatic or natural looks on models or mannequins.
  • Skincare Routine Demonstration: Share your knowledge of skincare by performing a step-by-step cleansing, moisturizing, and mask application routine.
  • Hairstyling Tutorial: Teach viewers how to achieve specific hairstyles, like braids, updos, or curls.


  • Upcycled Fashion Design: Take old clothes and breathe new life into them by redesigning or embellishing them.
  • Clothing Line Presentation: Showcase your original clothing line by having models walk the runway or pose for photos.
  • Sustainable Fashion Talk: Discuss the importance of sustainable clothing production and share tips for eco-conscious shopping.


  • Gemstone Identification: Educate the audience on different gemstones, their properties, and how to identify them.
  • Jewelry Repair Demonstration: Demonstrate basic jewelry repair techniques, like replacing clasps or cleaning tarnish.
  • Jewelry Redesign Project: Show how to transform old or unwanted jewelry into new, unique pieces.

Tailoring & Boutique

  • Basic Sewing Techniques: Teach viewers how to sew a button, mend a tear, or hem pants.
  • Custom Clothing Creation: Showcase your tailoring skills by creating a custom garment from scratch, fitting it on a model.
  • Boutique Business Presentation: If you have a boutique, give a behind-the-scenes look at your shop, including product selection and customer service.


  • Watch Repair Tutorial: Demonstrate how to replace a watch battery or adjust a watch band.
  • Vintage Watch Collection Showcase: Share your collection of vintage watches and discuss their history and value.
  • Watch Anatomy Presentation: Educate the audience on the inner workings of a watch, explaining its different components and functions.


  • Singing Performance: Showcase your vocal talents by performing a solo or duet.
  • Dancing Performance: Impress with your dance moves in any style, like hip-hop, ballet, or contemporary.
  • Comedy Skit: Make the audience laugh with a funny skit or stand-up routine.
  • Magic Show: Amaze viewers with your magical skills and illusions.
  • Juggling or Acrobatics: Demonstrate your dexterity and coordination with juggling or acrobatic feats.


  • Event Planning Presentation: Share your event planning expertise by discussing different event types, budgeting tips, and vendor selection.
  • Event Decorating Ideas: Showcase your creative flair by demonstrating how to decorate for different events, like weddings or birthday parties.
  • Event Hosting Demonstration: Practice your hosting skills by presenting a mock event, like a game show or a product launch.


  • Art Exhibition: Showcase your artwork, like paintings, sculptures, or photography, in a personal exhibition.
  • Craft Fair Booth: Display your handmade crafts at a fair and interact with potential customers.
  • Interactive Science Exhibit: Design a fun and educational science exhibit that visitors can participate in.

Shine on the BSMe2e Global Stage: Your 3-Step Guide to Winning!

Ready to unleash your talent and compete for amazing prizes? Here’s how to join the personal care and events Online Talent Contest in 3 easy steps:

  • Become Part of the BSMe2e Community (It’s Free!)
  • Craft a Profile that Stands Out
      • Let your talent shine by creating a captivating profile! Detail your skills, interests, achievements, and aspirations. This is your chance to grab the judges’ attention. You can find the profile creation section directly on the BSMe2e website.
  • Share Your Story and Showcase Your Talent
    • Dive into the over 100 talent categories and find the perfect fit for your skills, whether it’s photography, singing, painting, or anything else you excel at. Share your story and impress the judges with your unique abilities. 


What Does it Take to Win?

Dedication and passion are key at BSMe2e! Here’s how you can climb the winner’s ladder:

  • Monthly Recognition:
      • Show consistent passion and dedication throughout the year to receive surprise gifts.
  • Yearly Top Finalists & Special Prizes:
    • Premium (Prize: $1,000 or Dubai Trip): Aim for 100 talent posts annually (around 10 posts/month or 2 posts/week).
    • Gold (Prize: $500): Achieve 50 talent posts per year (approximately 5 posts/month or 1 post/week).
    • Silver (Prize: $250): Post at least 25 entries in a year (roughly 3 posts/month or 1-2 posts/week).

Looking for More Information?

Explore the BSMe2e website for helpful resources:

  • Contest Details: Get in-depth information by reading informative blogs about the contest. Simply search “BSMe2e Online Talent Contest” on our website.
  • Embedding Videos: Learn how to include YouTube videos in your entries by checking out the BSMe2e contest FAQ, specifically question 15 (“Q15”).

The Journey Beyond the Contest:

The BSMe2e Talent Contest is just the beginning! After Phase 1, exciting opportunities await:

  • Phase 2: Passion to Profit: Compete for a grand prize of $5,000 by turning your passion into a source of income!
  • Phase 3: Unlimited Earning Potential: Join the COE program and unlock even more ways to monetize your talent!

Don’t miss out! Sign up today and showcase your talent on the global stage of BSMe2e!

40 E-Commerce Business Ideas Under Personal Care & Events Category

Simple Products

  1. Handmade Jewelry: Create and sell unique earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings using beads, metals, or other materials.
  2. Custom Scarves: Design and sell scarves with unique prints or patterns. Offer customization options like size or fabric.
  3. Natural Skincare Products: Craft and sell organic soaps, lotions, balms, or face masks using natural ingredients.
  4. Upcycled Clothing: Source secondhand clothes and transform them into new, stylish pieces.
  5. Gemstone Identification Kit: Curate a kit with gemstone samples, identification charts, and a magnifying glass for hobbyists.
  6. Watch Repair Toolkit: Compile essential tools and replacement parts for basic watch repairs into a sellable kit.
  7. Magic Tricks and Supplies: Sell magic props and instructional materials for aspiring magicians.
  8. Party Game Kits: Design and sell kits with all the materials needed to play a fun and engaging party game.
  9. Customizable Craft Kits: Create themed craft kits with materials and instructions for activities like jewelry making or painting.
  10. Museum Replica Jewelry: Replicate historical or famous jewelry pieces and sell them as collectibles.

Bookable Products

  1. Makeup Tutorials: Offer personalized makeup application lessons or group workshops on specific techniques.
  2. Image Consulting Sessions: Provide consultations on personal styling, wardrobe building, and overall image.
  3. Tailoring Services: Offer alterations, repairs, and custom tailoring services for garments.
  4. Watch Repair Services: Provide professional watch repair and maintenance services.
  5. Event Planning Services: Plan and manage events like weddings, birthday parties, or corporate functions.
  6. Event Decoration Services: Decorate event venues based on themes and client preferences.
  7. Dance Classes: Teach group or private dance classes in various styles, like hip-hop, ballet, or contemporary.
  8. Instrument Lessons: Offer private music lessons for instruments like guitar, piano, or drums.
  9. Museum Tour Guide Services: Provide guided tours of museums or historical landmarks.
  10. Curating Services: Offer consultation services for individuals or institutions looking to curate exhibitions.

Grouped/Bundled Products

  1. Spa Day Package: Combine bath bombs, scented candles, face masks, and other pampering items into a spa day gift basket.
  2. Sustainable Clothing Starter Kit: Bundle organic cotton clothing items with a guide to sustainable fashion practices.
  3. Jewelry Making Starter Kit: Curate a kit with various jewelry-making supplies, tools, and instructions for beginners.
  4. Watch Enthusiast Bundle: Combine a vintage watch with a watch cleaning kit and a subscription to a watch magazine.
  5. Themed Party Package: Offer a complete party package with decorations, games, activities, and favors based on a specific theme.
  6. Family Fun Day Package: Bundle tickets to a children’s museum, a craft activity kit, and board game for a fun family day.
  7. Photography Workshop Bundle: Combine a photography workshop with a downloadable editing guide and a preset pack.
  8. Art Party Package: Offer a package for an art party with easels, canvases, paints, and themed refreshments.
  9. Museum Explorer Kit: Create a kit with a museum guidebook, scavenger hunt clues, and a themed souvenir for children.
  10. Board Game Design Toolkit: Bundle templates, game pieces, and dice with a guide to help aspiring game designers.

Downloadable Products

  1. Printable Sewing Patterns: Design and sell downloadable sewing patterns for clothing or accessories.
  2. Watch Repair E-book: Create an e-book with instructions and tutorials for basic watch repairs.
  3. Event Planning Templates: Sell downloadable templates like checklists, timelines, and budget planners for event organizers.
  4. Makeup Tutorials (Video): Create downloadable video tutorials on specific makeup techniques or styles.
  5. Printable Hairstyle Guides: Design downloadable guides with instructions and visuals for achieving various hairstyles.
  6. Digital Sewing Classes: Offer downloadable video classes teaching sewing techniques for different skill levels.
  7. Stock Photography: Sell high-quality photos with a focus on personal care, fashion, events, or hobbies.
  8. Photo Editing Presets: Create downloadable presets for photo editing software that achieve specific effects or aesthetics.
  9. Art Tutorials (Video): Develop downloadable video tutorials teaching different art forms like painting, drawing, or digital art.
  10. Sound Effect Libraries: Curate and sell libraries of downloadable sound effects for use in videos or presentations.
  11. Printable Music Sheets: Sell downloadable arrangements of popular songs or original compositions for musicians.
  12. Toy Playset Printables: Design and sell downloadable printables for creating paper doll playsets or crafting miniature toys.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With creativity and innovation, the possibilities for business ventures in the Personal Care & Events category are endless!

7 Steps to Start Your BSMe2e Store 

Ready to turn your business dreams into reality? Here’s how to launch your BSMe2e store in just 7 steps:

  • Market Research
      • Dive into the vast selection of eStores across various categories on BSMe2e. Explore to identify your niche and understand how your store fits within the marketplace.
      • Understand your competition, pricing strategies, and customer preferences.
  • Craft Your Brand Identity
      • Choose a unique Store ID that embodies your brand essence. This memorable name will be your online storefront’s signature.
  • Plan Your Presence
      • Decide on your e-store’s rental duration. Whether it’s a short-term trial or a long-term commitment, select a start date that allows ample time for launch preparations.
  • Save and Secure Transactions
      • Take advantage of available coupons to maximize savings on your store rental.
      • BSMe2e uses STRIPE for smooth and secure payment processing for both you and your customers.
  • Build Your Brand Showcase
      • Customize your store’s design to reflect your brand identity.
      • Upload high-quality product images and write detailed descriptions to grab your customers’ attention.
  • Earn Trust and Credibility
      • Apply for a verified seller badge to instill confidence in your customers. This badge signifies that your store is legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Go Live and Start Selling
    • Once you’re satisfied with everything, submit your store for review.
    • Upon approval, your store will be live on BSMe2e, ready to start generating sales! 

Remember, thorough market research and thoughtful planning are key to a successful eStore. Best of luck! 

Personal Care and Events Online Advertising Opportunities 

  1. Accessories Unveiled: A video series revealing the latest trends in fashion accessories with a ‘Style of the Week’ spotlight.
  2. Beauty Tutorials: Interactive live streams where viewers can learn beauty tips and tricks using your personal care products.
  3. Fashion Forward: A blog featuring fashion influencers wearing your clothing line, complete with styling tips and outfit inspirations.
  4. Jewelry Journeys: Share the stories behind your unique jewelry pieces, highlighting craftsmanship and design through short films.
  5. Tailoring Transformation: Before-and-after photo series showcasing the magic touch of your tailoring and boutique services.
  6. Watch the Time: A countdown campaign for a new watch release, with sneak peeks and exclusive pre-order offers.
  7. Entertainment Extravaganza: Promote upcoming entertainment events with vibrant infographics detailing performers, venues, and dates.
  8. Event Highlights: Use a photo collage to display the excitement and success of past events, encouraging bookings for future occasions.
  9. Exhibition Teasers: Generate buzz with teaser videos of upcoming exhibitions, offering glimpses of the featured items or artworks.
  10. Artistic Expressions: Feature an artist each month with a virtual gallery of their work, available for purchase or as a digital exhibit.
  11. Soundscapes: Offer a sample of sound and music services through an interactive ad that plays clips of your work.
  12. Toy Tales: Create an animated story featuring your toys, appealing to both children and parents.
  13. Museum Walkthrough: Provide a virtual tour of your museum’s latest exhibits, complete with historical facts and visitor testimonials.

These ideas on personal care and events aim to leverage the diverse advertising formats available on BSMe2e, such as blogs, vlogs, and interactive content, to attract and engage a wide audience. Remember to tailor each ad to the unique features and benefits of the this platform for maximum impact.

BSMe2e – A Center of Excellence

BSMe2e isn’t your typical online store—it’s an innovative platform that brings together users, sellers, and customers in a collaborative space. Imagine a digital marketplace on steroids, going beyond traditional shopping. BSMe2e embodies the spirit of “Earth to Eternity,” opening endless possibilities for exploration and creativity. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their full potential. With a strong focus on inclusivity and a vibrant sense of community, BSMe2e is shaping the future of e-commerce, connecting members in a way that transcends mere transactions.

BSMe2e: A Platform for Growth for Personal Care and Events

BSMe2e is revolutionizing the global marketplace with its innovative approach to online advertising and e-commerce. As a comprehensive platform, it offers a unique blend of advertising spaces and digital storefronts, catering to a diverse range of businesses and consumers. With a mission to redefine how business operates, BSMe2e provides a dynamic space for users to interact, trade, and showcase their products and services. It supports a variety of digital stores, from standard to mega, and even market stores, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. The platform’s advertising options are equally versatile, featuring innovative formats that enhance brand visibility and engagement. 


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