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Top 40 Book Business Ideas to Start on BSMe2e | Books | 40127

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The book business industry encompasses the creation, production, distribution, and sale of printed and digital books. While traditional physical books remain a beloved format, the industry has adapted significantly to the digital age. E-books, audiobooks, and self-publishing platforms have expanded the reach of literature and democratized content creation. Despite facing challenges like piracy and competition from other forms of entertainment, the book business holds steady with a projected mark... Continue reading
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The book business industry encompasses the creation, production, distribution, and sale of printed and digital books. While traditional physical books remain a beloved format, the industry has adapted significantly to the digital age. E-books, audiobooks, and self-publishing platforms have expanded the reach of literature and democratized content creation. Despite facing challenges like piracy and competition from other forms of entertainment, the book business holds steady with a projected market size of over $140 billion by 2030. From academic journals to captivating novels, the industry thrives on its ability to ignite imaginations and share knowledge. If you wish to start your own book business online, you’re in the right place.  We will share with you some of the best book business ideas o kickstart your journey.


40 Book Business Ideas to Start on BSMe2e

Simple Products (Physical)

  1. First Edition/Rare Books: Cater to collectors with a curated selection of first editions, signed copies, and antique books.
  2. Pop-Up & Activity Books: Engage children with interactive pop-up elements, sound modules, or activities related to the story.
  3. Luxury Book Sets: Offer beautifully bound, boxed sets of classic literature or popular series with exclusive artwork.
  4. Literary-Themed Candles & Bath Products: Create soy candles or bath bombs inspired by scents and settings from beloved books.
  5. Bookish Board Games: Develop board games based on popular book genres like fantasy, mystery, or historical fiction.
  6. Literary Quote Wall Art: Design and sell framed prints featuring inspiring quotes from famous authors.
  7. Subscription Boxes for Coloring Books: Deliver a monthly selection of adult coloring books with themed color palettes and pencils.
  8. Literary Escape Room Kits: Create portable escape room kits based on popular books, challenging players to solve puzzles.
  9. Book-Themed Jewelry: Design necklaces, bracelets, or earrings inspired by symbols or characters from classic stories.
  10. Vintage Book Repurposed Crafts: Transform old books into decorative boxes, lamps, or wall art with a unique vintage style.


Bookable Services

  1. Ghostwriting & Co-writing Services: Partner with clients to write their stories, memoirs, or business books.
  2. Book Cover Design: Design eye-catching and genre-specific book covers for self-published authors.
  3. Freelance Book Marketing: Offer marketing and promotional services to help authors reach new readers.
  4. Audiobook Narration Services: Provide high-quality narration and sound production for self-published audiobooks.
  5. Literary Translation Services: Translate books from one language to another for a wider audience.
  6. Freelance Editing & Proofreading (Specialized): Offer services for specific genres like children’s literature or academic writing.
  7. Book Publicity & Media Relations: Secure interviews and media coverage for authors to promote their books.
  8. Author Website Design & Development: Build and manage user-friendly websites for authors to showcase their work.
  9. Virtual Book Launch Events: Organize online launch events with author readings, Q&A sessions, and audience interaction.
  10. Book Tour Management: Plan and coordinate book tours for authors, including travel arrangements and event bookings.


Downloadable Products

  1. E-book Anthologies: Compile a collection of short stories by multiple authors around a specific theme.
  2. Printable Book Club Discussion Guides: Create downloadable guides with thought-provoking questions and activities.
  3. Character Development Worksheets for Writers: Offer downloadable templates to help writers flesh out their characters.
  4. World-Building Guides for Fantasy & Sci-Fi Authors: Provide downloadable resources on creating believable fictional worlds.
  5. Storytelling Prompts & Templates: Craft downloadable exercises to spark creativity and writing inspiration.
  6. Author Branding & Marketing E-books: Offer downloadable guides on building an author platform and promoting one’s work.
  7. Self-Publishing Checklists & Templates: Create downloadable resources to guide authors through the self-publishing process.
  8. Book Marketing Printables & Social Media Templates: Offer downloadable social media graphics and content ideas.
  9. Printable Reading Trackers & Book Logs: Design downloadable trackers to encourage consistent reading habits.
  10. Children’s Book Companion Activity Packs: Provide downloadable activities that complement children’s books.


Grouped/Bundled Products

  1. “Read & Reflect” Bundles: Combine a book with a guided journal or reflection prompts related to the book’s themes.
  2. “Bookworm Starter Kits”: Bundle a classic novel with themed bookends, a cozy reading blanket, and a bookmark.
  3. “Author Essentials Kit”: Combine writing notebooks, pens, sticky notes, and a subscription to a writing resource website.
  4. “Literary Travel Kit”: Bundle a travel guide with a book set in the same location and themed travel accessories.
  5. “Book Lover’s Gift Basket”: Create a curated basket filled with tea, candles, bookish treats, and a book club discussion guide.
  6. “Cozy Reading Nook Package”: Bundle a comfy armchair, a reading lamp, a book, and a cup of gourmet tea.
  7. “Young Reader’s Adventure Pack”: Combine a children’s adventure book with a compass, magnifying glass, and a journal for recording discoveries.
  8. “Mystery Night In”: Bundle a classic mystery novel with a box of gourmet chocolates, a magnifying glass, and a detective-themed eye mask.
  9. “Historical Fiction Feast”: Combine a historical fiction novel with a recipe book inspired by the book’s setting and a set of themed tableware.
  10. “Book Club Cocktail Kits”: Create themed cocktail kits based on popular book genres, complete with recipes and decorative garnishes.


Why Choose BSMe2e to Implement Book Business Ideas?

  • No Commission Fees: Unlike other platforms that take a cut of your sales, BSMe2e only charges a rental fee for your online store. This allows you to keep more profit, especially when dealing with lower-margin products like ebooks.
  • Unique Store Identity: Having your own store URL allows you to establish your brand and drive traffic directly to your book selection, fostering customer loyalty.
  • Low-Risk Experimentation: BSMe2e offers seller contests as a way to test your book business ideas and gauge market interest before committing significant resources. This allows you to refine your approach and potentially win exposure or other benefits within the platform.
  • Versatility for Products & Services: BSMe2e caters to both physical and digital products, allowing you to sell ebooks alongside physical books, audiobooks, or even book-related merchandise.
  • Promotional Opportunities: BSMe2e offers features to advertise your books within the platform, reaching a wider audience of potential customers.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans: BSMe2e provides various subscription options, allowing you to choose a plan that fits your budget and business size. You can start small with a basic plan and upgrade as your book business grows.
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform: In today’s mobile-driven world, having a mobile-friendly platform is crucial. BSMe2e ensures your bookstore is accessible to customers on their smartphones and tablets.

Additional Considerations:

  • Done-For-You & Done-With-You Packages: While these can be helpful, especially for beginners, they come at an extra cost. Consider your budget and technical expertise before opting for these services.
  • Limited Brand Awareness: As a relatively new platform, BSMe2e might not have the brand recognition of established e-commerce giants. This could be a factor if you’re looking for a platform with a built-in customer base.

How to Join BSMe2e to Turn Book Business Ideas into Reality?

  • Visit the BSMe2e Vendor Registration page: Fill out the registration form with your details.
  • BSMe2e offers various store options like Standard, Market, Mega, etc. Each has different features and pricing. Consider your business needs and budget when choosing your store type.
  • Familiarize yourself with the BSMe2e Seller Manual. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up your store, adding products, managing orders, and more.

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