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The Battle Of Badr | Uncategorized | 34136

Published By: User | MD. Imjamul Hoque Bhuiyan

User Location: Panchlaish | Chittagong | Bangladesh

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After years of persecution, They finally fled the city To escape the retribution Because things were no longer pretty. The pagans took their belongings That they left behind, Breakin... Continue reading
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After years of persecution,
They finally fled the city
To escape the retribution
Because things were no longer pretty.
The pagans took their belongings
That they left behind,
Breaking into their lodgings
To take whatever they could find.
A caravan set off next season,
Heading to Syria’s markets
For one sole reason:
To gain a profit regardless.
Now, the Muslims who had fled
Wanted to right the wrong against them,
So an operation was led
To take back what belonged to them.
But the pagans found out the plan
So they prepared for the fight.
Together marched all the clans
Through the desert, day and night.
The Muslims found that out and made a choice:
Caravan or Religion.
It was religion they chose
So they, too, marched out prepared to fight.
The two groups met at Mount Badr.
The pagans of Quraysh seemed stronger,
Though they were the ones to soon dread
To have remained there any longer.
The caravan had passed, safe and sound,
So a messenger was sent with the news
To tell Quraysh to turn around
But that wasn’t the way they wanted to choose.
1000 men, most of whom were skilled,
With plenty of assets for aid,
Quraysh thought none of them will be killed
By a Muslim sword’s very blade.
There were only 300 Muslims,
Many are not as strong or skilled as Quraysh
So their chances looked very, very slim,
Hence a win for them seemed like a ‘no way’.
During the battle, they remained firm,
Gave their all for their religion’s cause,
Allah sent them the help that they yearned for,
Opening for them victory’s door.
Angels were sent down to help fight
Against those who wanted to eliminate the truth,
Shining on the Muslims a bright light
So that their difficulty could be soothed.
They fought hard and fought well
Until Quraysh had to retreat
Because their pride and facade fell.
Like that the Muslims gained the victory.
Now, many, many years later,
The battle is still remembered
Of all the battles, this one’s greater
And is the only one mentioned
My name is in the Quran.

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