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Global Talent Showcase Contest

Have you heard of the BSMe2e Global Talent Competition – the new buzz in the town? Put your socks up & get ready to showcase your talent on a global scale to win our ultimate rewards and cash prizes. Whatever your talent might be, we give you a chance to show off your skills across 110+ categories & win exciting gifts. Keep reading this post to discover the global talent competition conditions of this platform!

BSMe2e Global Talent Competition

BSMe2e, a new-age talent marketplace, has organized an exciting competition for talented global individuals. This skills-sharing platform enables every individual to showcase their creativity and talent. The competition winners get a chance to unlock monthly surprise gifts, cash rewards, membership rewards, and even a luxury holiday trip to Dubai for 2N/3D.

Excited to win these rewards? Join the contest now.

So, how can you participate here?

It’s very simple.

You have to register as a user on this platform.  BSMe2e is offering a dedicated platform in the name of “TALENTBOOK,” where we encourage every individual to show their talent to the world. Our motto is simple. We believe that every individual has the talent within them. It’s just that they need the right opportunities to explore their caliber and potentialities. Most importantly, we are here to give that opportunity to you.

Benefits of the BSMe2e Talent Competition

There are plenty of benefits to participating in the BSMe2e global talent competition. Take a look:

  • Increase your engagement and followers
  • Encourage users/participants to bring out their creativity
  • Foster healthy competition among users
  • Earn exciting rewards and prizes
  • Get an opportunity to turn your passion into profits

How Can You Win Rewards & Prizes?

Participants get the chance to win exciting gifts. We will choose the top 3 winners, and each winner can grab a range of rewards and prizes. The first prize winner can win the premium package plan for free (1 Year) along with monthly surprise gifts, cash rewards/shopping coupon/a Dubai trip for 2 nights and 3 days. Similarly, the second and third-prize winner gets the chance to unlock exciting gifts. For better clarity, please check out the table below.

TALENT COMPETITION Yearly Award & Reward
FREE BENEFITS FOR THE TOP 3 WINNERS Premium Package Winner Gold Package Winner Silver Package Winner
Eligibility Criteria for entry into
Premium/Gold/Silver winner packages

Talent Showcase (through BSMe2e Posts)
100 talent posts/Yr
avg 10 talent posts/month
avg 2 talent posts/week
50 talent posts/Yr
avg 5 talent posts/month
avg 1 talent posts/week
25 talent posts/Yr
avg 3 talent posts/month
avg 1 talent posts/in 2 weeks
Cash Reward OR
Amazon Shopping Coupon OR
2N/3D Trip to Dubai*
$1,000 $500 $250
Monthly Surprise Gifts eligibility Yes Yes Yes
Free 1Yr BSMe2e Membership $6000 (Premium Membership) $1500 (Gold Membership) $100 (Silver Membership)
Free Winner Coupon to purchase available Store of Choice across any category, Free AD Rectangle Space/1Yr

Free AD Box Space/Yr

Free AD Box Space / 6 months

Add Products Unlimited/1 Yr 10000 500
Add Articles Unlimited/1 Yr 500 100
Space Limit 1TB/1Yr 1GB 512MB
Manage Self Mktg Coupons on Yes Yes Yes
Monthly once Mktg on BSMe2e social platforms Yes Yes Yes
Monthly display of selected top posts/branding in our featured space section of the Homepage/key pages Yes Yes Yes

You will be able to view your position in our user list and Talent Competition page. Basically, the user list page will show the name of the user, the total count of posts (monthly and yearly), and the post category.

To know more about this competition, please subscribe to our social channels, and visit our blogs page, TalentBook, and the Talent Competition page.

BSMe2e Global Talent Competition Conditions: All You Need to Know

The contest organizer is BSMe2e, and participation in this competition is subject to certain terms and conditions. Therefore, you should check out the BSMe2e global talent competition conditions.

  • Individuals who are 18+ or older are eligible for participation.
  • Participants have to be registered users of the BSMe2e platform.
  • Registration as a user is absolutely free and does not require the purchase of goods and services
  • Participants who meet all the eligibility criteria will get the chance to win prizes.
  • By uploading any materials – be it text, images, or other information, you declare that you are the sole owner of these materials. By submitting materials to this competition, you agree that the materials do not infringe any property rights, trademark, copyrights, or other third parties. If we find such materials, then participants will be disqualified, or they may be blacklisted on our website. Such users will not be able to show their talent on this platform.
  • You acknowledge and agree that the organizer, i.e., BSMe2e, can view, review, comment, and share your work across BSMe2e’s social media platforms as per our winning eligibility criteria.
  • Participants can showcase their talent across 110+ categories available on our website. But if the contents are found to be obscene, vulgar, derogatory, or scandalous, BSME2E reserves the right to take action as deemed appropriate.  Here is the prohibited list of items.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process of participating in BSMe2e’s talent competition?

The process is very easy. You must register as a user on BSMe2e and be an active contributor. Try to create as many posts as possible – at least 10 posts per month across various categories. That will make you eligible to be the contest winner.

2. Does BSMe2e global competition have any restrictions?

Yes, you must adhere to all our platform policies while creating and sharing posts. Make sure you do not upload any materials – images, videos, or texts that infringe any property rights, trademarks, copyrights, or other third parties. Here is the prohibited list of items.

3. In what categories can I create posts for this competition?

You can create posts across multiple categories such as art, food, handmade creativity, recipes, ski, science, and more. View the category list here.

4. What gifts can I earn if I win this competition and what is the criteria for winning?

The first prize winner will be the one who has created 100 posts in a year, which is 10 posts on average per month. The second prize winner has to create 50posts/year or 5 posts on average per month. The third winner has to make 25 talent posts per year or 3 posts/on average per month. Each winner is entitled to certain rewards and prizes. The first prize winner gets a trip to Dubai for 2N and 3D/ cash rewards/Amazon shopping coupons/monthly surprise gifts. To know more about prizes and rewards, click here.

5. When will the yearly awards be announced?

The name of the winners will be declared in November/December of every year.