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The purpose of the Sellers Servicing Policy is to let both the sellers and customers know the servicing policies of BSME2E. Since our platform allows the selling of both products and services, we have created this separate policy on servicing. Carefully go through the policies listed in this document before availing of any of the services.

Whenever the customers make use of services from the BSME2E sellers; they will receive a confirmation email on the same. If the service includes reservations, it will receive a confirmation via electronic means which will serve as proof of the reservation. Customers may or may not be required to pay a deposit or the whole amount for the confirmation of the services they have availed of depending on the seller’s payment policy.

Sellers Service Policy At a Glance:


Unexpected events can sometimes force you to cancel your booked services. This is unavoidable, but to ensure a smooth experience for everyone, please inform the service provider as soon as possible if your plans change. This helps them avoid lost revenue and allows them to keep you informed about any cancellation policies or potential refunds.

  • In the event of a service provider failing to appear on the designated service date for plumbing, repairs, electrical work, or similar services, the customer shall receive a full refund of the booking confirmation payment.
  • If the service provider cannot show up on the service date, they must notify the customer electronically beforehand, cancel the booking, and issue a full refund for the service payment.
  • If the customers have requested service on a particular date but fail to show up, no refunds will be made in that regard. Service providers of BSME2E should clearly have refundable and non-refundable policies so that the customers know what exactly they should expect.


You may reschedule your visit up to 48 hours before your booked appointment. Please note, if customers fail to show up or cancel their visit within this window, they will not be eligible for refunds.

Other sellers servicing policy: Service providers besides having a cancelation policy should configure the following – 


Customers who pay a deposit will receive a full refund if their cancellation occurs within the flexible cancellation period. However, cancellations made after this window will forfeit the deposit.

Sellers Servicing Policy on Pre-payment

Customers pay a certain percentage of the service cost upfront during booking using their cards or other payment methods. For example, if a customer makes a reservation, he or she might pay for part of the reservation. Prepayment is mainly for non-refundable and partially refundable bookings. If the customer cancels the booking, the amount won’t be refunded.


Service providers can utilize pre-authorization preferences to obtain authorization from the customer’s card for a future payment. The amount and timing of the pre-authorization must be communicated transparently to the customer.

Additionally, service providers can hold a specific amount on the customer’s card, allowing them to charge the full amount later.