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As a seller on BSME2E, you agree and acknowledge to fulfil all the applicable policies and regulations. Sellers should have good knowledge of the items they wish to post on our website. They need to ensure that all the products or services are in tune with the applicable laws. If we find content to be inappropriate, illegal, or prohibited, we may remove it without any prior notice. BSME2E has the sole discretion to determine the appropriateness of the product. 

Prohibited items:

Here is a list of all the prohibited items that you cannot sell on BSMe2e.

  • Absinthe (Alcohol)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Drugs; examples include but are not limited to marijuana and cannabis products, tobacco and nicotine, cigarettes and cigars, mod boxes, pill press machines, party drugs, vape kits, muscle relaxants, poppers, vape liquid, e-liquid and similar variants, vape pens, hookah pens, tobacco-marijuana-hemp-and-cannabis seeds.
  • Weapons include but are not limited to guns, firearms, ammunition, high powered laser pointers, explosive weapons, all kinds of silencers, real firearm building kits, assault weapon conversion pieces, items intended to be used as a silencer or commonly misused as a silencer
  • Forest products like lumber products and composite wood products which includes particleboard, hardwood, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard
  • Hazardous and prohibited items – batteries containing no mercury, portable fuel containers, firefighting foam products, natural gas, underground storage tanks, products containing nitrous oxide, cleaning agents, fire extinguishers, fuel products, etc.
  • Pesticides and pesticides devices
  • Unauthorized food products 
  • Safety equipment
  • All kinds of counterfeit products
  • Counterfeit currency, including reproduction or replica of the US and Euro Currency, play/prop/replica coins, commercially exchangeable notes, etc.

Intellectual property violations:

  • Counterfeit Merchandise – All products displayed in your digital store should be genuine. It should not be manufactured, reproduced, or replicated in an illegal way.
  • Unlicensed and Unauthorized Merchandise – All the products or services displayed on the digital stores should be commercially produced or licensed for sale as a retail products. 
  • Recopied Media – The examples include media products (books, movies, music, photos, software, video games, radio concerts, songs) that have been dubbed, recopied, duplicated, or transferred without the consent or approval of the copyright holder. 
  • Transferred Media – Media transferred from one format to the other is prohibited. 
  • Promotional Media – The promotional versions of music, videos, and books are not eligible for sale.